Mental Health Quality Improvement

Provider Surveys

Two provider surveys were conducted –one in 2011 and one in 2017 –with the aim of describing primary care providers’ attitudes towards and current practice regarding diagnosis and management of adolescent patients with depression. The surveys indicated widespread interest in improving depression care in primary care practices.

Garbutt J, Sterkel R, Ruecker K, Dodd S, Smith E, Plax K. Ready for the Challenge of Depression Care in the Medical Home. Clinical pediatrics. 2019 Mar 13:0009922819834280.

Quality Improvement Project

Informed by provider surveys, the literature, and an Advisory Board, WUPAARC developed a Mental Health Quality Improvement initiative focused on adolescent depression. Participating practices work with a practice facilitator to help them navigate the change process using quality improvement strategies. This initiative aims to help practices manage care as recommended by the Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care (GLAD-PC) published in Pediatrics in 2018 and endorsed by the AAP. The facilitator helps the practice identify opportunities for improvement and implement change ideas to improve care.

Current Status

  • [6.26.2019] Quality improvement project completed.



Children's Hospital St. Louis
Wash U School of Medicine
Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences